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Witchcraft, Wiccan Protection and Prosperity Spell Kit

  • 13 fresh herbs and handmade incense
  • 8" long Gemstone White Selenite Wand
  • Custom made Prosperity and Protection oils
  • Quartz cristal
  • Snowflake Obsidian - small
  • Soapstone Mortal & Pestle - small (Sometimes we will have different kinds of this item)
  • All instructions and materials pictured.
  • You can use this in your home and the carry it where you go.


This kit and spells are from a 200 year old recipe and they are © 1996-2018 VWF. This nothing like the rest of the kits you find. Most are all useless and not made by long-term practitioners. This Spell kit is intense and can also be used to fire-up other spells you have cast. This is not dark magic! 
The actual retail worth of this kit is $445.35.
Blessed Be!
If you need a custom kit please send us a message!


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Witchcraft Protection and Good Luck Spell Kit Pouch

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